At Home Tasting Box

At Home Tasting Box

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The At Home Tasting Box includes 4 or 10 chocolate bars and a full educational guide.

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The host can read the stories, or guests can take turns following the tasting map around the world.

Serves 12 - 24 guests depending on how large you break your pieces.

$130 - large (10 chocolate bars)
$60 - small (4 chocolate bars)


• 10 chocolate bars (small - 4 chocolate bars)
• 24 printed color world maps or emailed images for TV display
• Step-by-step setup guide
• Host presentation guide with a story or each chocolate
• Bonus host chocolate bar (large only)

 Write down your favorites and Yahara Chocolate will create a refill journey with 10 additional bars to continue into the world of chocolate.

 10 bar Refill pack - $110. Contact the store to place your refill pack order.