Xocolatl Peru 70%

Xocolatl Peru 70%


A light bar with mellow fruit undertones and a toffee finish from Peruvian beans.

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Origin - Peru
Manufacture - USA
Percentage - 70
Type - dark chocolate (2 ingredient)


Opening the bar releases a wonderful sweet chocolate smell. I could tell right away the lightness of this bar.  The look was immediate with the design facing the fold.  I love that presentation.

The texture is a little hard, but this is just prep for patient tasting.  Relax and let it melt without rushing.  The melt is very light with undertones of mellow fruit whose name is unfamiliar to me, and I won’t it call Banana.  The ebbs and flows of bitter and chocolate feel more like backwater eddies or the lazy river at the water park.  If you want to rush, the whole bar will be gone without a stop sign to slow you down.

The finish is surprisingly sweet like toffee.  My mouth feels a little dry but without bitterness or lingering aftertaste.

This bar is a wonderful 2 ingredient organic bar that will find a great home on my “Chocolate for those who think they don’t like dark chocolate” shelf.  My only complaint is that the pack is fantastically hard to open in a clean manner.  A second try yielded a better open, but most folks won’t get 2 tries.

Flavor profile:

mellow fruit, toffee