Fruition Noe 80%

Fruition Noe 80%


An intoxicating pure chocolatey chocolate.

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Fruition & Eclat 80%

Origin - Peru
Manufacture - USA
Percentage - 80
Type - Dark Chocolate

This chocolate came from a partnership of Fruition Chocolate and Eclat Chocolate along with the Peruvian farmer Noe Vasquez. This is the first time this cross of the Peru Nacional x Criollo has come to market.

This chocolate is only 2 ingredients, cacao and sugar. Nice.

The production is very limited, and when it is gone, it is gone.

Flavor profile:
An intoxicating pure chocolatey chocolate smell flows out of the open wrapper.  The first taste is of coffee, but it quickly blends into a sweet toffee.  All throughout the texture is ultra smooth like butter.