Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67%

Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67%

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A light yet earthy bar full of chocolate flavor.

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Michel Cluizel Vila Gracinda 67%

Origin - São Tomé, Plantation Vila Gracinda
Manufacture - France - see all our French chocolate
Percentage - 67%
Type - Dark Chocolate


From the very smell, this bar is light. Psychologically, it is hard to stomach a bar that is less than 70% and still feel great about calling it a world class dark chocolate, but it is only 3% less than 70%. It isn’t much, but it is still hard.

The taste is very sinful to a dark chocolate lover because it feels so sweet. As a gateway chocolate it does an admirable of conveying thick earth and overt chocolatiness. The whole taste package is wrapped in velvet texture and mild finish. It is a bar that will take self control to not eat the whole thing.

I love the Michel Cluizel estate plantation bars as they are all very approachable, but I would look for another if you love a strong dark chocolate. Noir Infini anyone?