Marou 100%

Marou 100%


Smooth, fruity, a little dry finish, and only 1 ingredient, 100% cacao.

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Marou 100%

Origin - Vietnam
Manufacture - Vietnam
Percentage - 100
Type - Dark Chocolate
Size - 60g (2.1 oz.)
Value - 0.18 $/g

Why to Buy

A strong contender for best unsweetened chocolate with only 1 ingredient. There are many other unsweetened chocolates that have a lot of extra cocoa butter and an emulsifier, but we do not carry those.


This chocolate is immediately fruit forward and very smooth. There is a little acid bite in the beginning that threatens to dominate, but the sour is held in check. An overly sour taste is something to watch out for in high percentage chocolate. This chocolate has no bitterness, but it does taste dark. How could it not? Small pieces, please. - Brook Johnson


There is only 1 ingredient in this chocolate. It is 100% cacao made from a blend of Vietnamese beans. You can’t get any more pure.

Flavor profile

Dark, Fruit, Bread