Local Chocolate Collection

Local Chocolate Collection


A collection from bean-to-bar makers within 100 miles of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

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A collection of chocolate bars from bean-to-bar chocolate makers near Stoughton, Wisconsin.  The bars available will not always match the image in the photo, but the in stock list will be updated.

Current Selections:

  • Wm Chocolate - Wampusirpi 70% with Hawaiian Red Salt

  • Sjölinds - Wisconsin Butter 55%

  • Ethereal - Guatemala 80%

Wm Chocolate - Manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin - 18 miles from Stoughton

Sjölinds Chocolate House -Manufactured in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin - 30 miles from Stoughton

Ethereal Confections - Manufactured in Woodstock, Illinois - 70 miles