Lillehammer Dark Milk

Lillehammer Dark Milk


A dark milk that is fun and crunchy with toffee, cocoa nibs, salt. A local best seller.

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Sjölinds Lillehammer Dark Milk 63%

Origin - Blend
Manufacture - Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, USA
Percentage - 63%
Size - 1.5 oz (43g)
Value - 14 $/100g

Why to Buy

A crunchy and smooth chocolate that is easy to eat. A crowd pleaser. Don’t tell how dark it is.


A dark milk chocolate with bits of toffee, cocoa nibs, and salt is chocolatey and balanced. The sweetness of the toffee makes the chocolate seem light and sweet, but this is balanced by to cocoa nibs that add to the depth of flavor. The salt is not noticed and does its job to enhance the flavors. This chocolate is the perfect gift for anyone. -Brook Johnson


One the best selling chocolates from Sjölinds Chocolate House in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. This chocolate is made with a blend of their bean to bar chocolates. They add toffee pieces, cocoa nibs, milk powder, and a touch of salt. At 63% it is the darkest milk chocolate that Yahara Chocolate sells. The percentage isn’t on the wrapper, and no one ever suspects how dark it is.

Flavor Profile

Light, Crunchy, Sweet, Salt