Honduras with Red Salt 70%

Honduras with Red Salt 70%

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Salty and sweet. Hard to believe it is dark chocolate.

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Wm Chocolate Wampusirpi 70%

Origin - Honduras
Manufacture - USA, Madison, Wisconsin
Percentage - 70
Type - Dark Chocolate with Inclusions
Size - 2 oz. (57g) or 1 oz. (28 g)
Value - 0.18 $/g (large) or 0.21 $/g (small)

Why to Buy

If you love a little salt in your chocolate, this is the one for you. The bar is buttery smooth with a salty crunch.


The red salt comes first followed by smooth and mellow nut flavor. There is a little banana creaminess mixed in their somewhere. This bar tastes very different whether it is right side up or upside down (I have been told new bars are uniform)- Brook Johnson


The salt for the bar is red salt from Hawaii. Take a close look at the photo and it looks like a red boulder studded landscape. The chocolate is made bean to bar in Madison, Wisconsin by chocolate maker William Marx.

Flavor profile

Nut, Banana, Salt