Dick Taylor Orange Bourbon Pecan

Dick Taylor Orange Bourbon Pecan


An orange bourbon pie baked into pecans on top of a chocolate blanket. Yum.

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Dick Taylor Orange Bourbon Pecan 68%

Origin - Belize
Manufacture - USA
Percentage - 68
Type - Flavored Dark Chocolate

Fruity dark Chocolate from Belize is used as a backbone to this bar, but this bar is all about the smell of roasted pecans.  The aroma is strong from the beginning.  The pecans are toasted in orange and bourbon and sugar and then sprinkled on the back (second photo).

The pecans taste as if the whole of an orange bourbon pie has been condensed into a thin shell surround. Only the essential essence has been retained, and the rest of the sugary filler has been discarded.  This is my kind if pecan pie.

Flavor profile:
fruit, nut, sweet