Dick Taylor Candied Almond 73%

Dick Taylor Candied Almond 73%


Fruity, sweet, candied almonds in a smooth dark chocolate.

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Dick Taylor Candied Almond 73%

Origin - Blend of Madagascar and Brazil
Manufacture - USA
Percentage - 73%
Type - Flavored Dark Chocolate


The first smell is sweet roasted almonds and the chocolate takes a bit of a backing role.  The 73% Northerner Blend of Madagascar and Brazil cacao creates the smooth backbone that is happy to fade into the background.  

The almond taste is forefront with crunchy sugar and fruity finish from a touch of cinnamon.  The sweet and the cinnamon stay the longest on the pallet, and it is interesting that the cinnamon tastes fruity rather than the traditional spicy punch. Chocolate seems to transform spices when used in small amounts.

The whole time, the 73% dark chocolate underpins the inclusions.  It is destined to pair with almonds as an equal.  So be careful not to eat the whole bar.  There is no dark chocolate stop sign.

Flavor profile: sweet, fruity, almond