Coffee Pairing Collection

Coffee Pairing Collection


This three bar collection includes chocolate that pairs well with coffee.

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This pack includes chocolate that pairs well with coffee. The selected bars are dark bars ranging from 75% up to 85% cocoa content.

The Experience:

Step 1: Smell the newly opened bar.
Step 2: Place a thumbnail sized piece on your tongue (don’t chew).
Step 3: Drink some coffee and let the warm liquid melt the chocolate.
Step 4: Notice how the rich chocolate and coffee tastes flood your taste buds and nose.
Step 5: Relax at feel the cool bit of chocolate left behind.
Step 6: Breath deep and notice any lingering tastes and feelings.
Step 7: Repeat

Alternately, you can trying waiting for the coffee flavor to fade a little before placing the chocolate on your tongue. A warm mouth will melt the chocolate faster and the flavors won’t compete quite as much.

The goal of this pairing is not to enhance either the coffee or chocolate, but to create an entirely new experience using incredible chocolate that is wonderful in its own right. The selected chocolates have a strong dark (not bitter) flavor with thicker bars that will not melt so quickly.

Current Selection:

• WM Ghana 75%

• François Pralus Cuba 75%

• Blanxart Nicaragua 85%

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