Chocolate Sampler Collection

Chocolate Sampler Collection


This collection of dark chocolate bars gives you a start into the world of single origin craft chocolate.

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Where to start?

We curate a sampling of four chocolate bars that demonstrate a wide breadth of styles and subtleties in craft chocolate. This is where you start when you feel lost among the hundreds of chocolate bars available. This collection includes chocolate grown in different continents and manufactured in different countries. You will find a favorite among the selections, and also maybe one that isn’t your favorite. That is ok. Tell us your preference, and we will create custom suggestions on what you should try next.

There are few different options depending on availability.  Your tasting pack will contain 2 small bars and 2 large bars at a minimum.

Current Selections:

  • Pump Street Ecuador - 85% (small bar)
    Grown in Ecuador and manufactured in England

  • Marou Tien Giang - 70% (small bar)
    Grown and manufactured in Vietnam

  • Amadei Jamaica - 70% (large bar)
    Grown in Jamaica and manufactured in Italy

  • Michel Cluizel Mangaro - 66% (large bar)
    Grown in Madagascar and manufactured in France

  • Wm Chocolate Belize - 68% (large bar)
    Grown in Belize and manufactured in the United States (Madison, WI)