Wisconsin Holiday Chocolate Collection

Wisconsin Holiday Chocolate Collection


A gift collection of Wisconsin made chocolate with a gift card.

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A collection of chocolate bars from Wisconsin including a gift card. Chose one Wm Chocolate bar, one Sjölinds Chocolate bar, one Mayana Chocolate bar, and one gift card.

Wm Chocolate - Manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • 65% India - Tangy and exotic

  • 68% Belize - Sweet and fruity

  • 70% Honduras with Red Hawaiian Salt - Smooth and salty

  • 75% Ghana - Rich and chocolatey

  • 85% Nicaragua - Balanced and dark

Sjölinds Chocolate House -Manufactured in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

  • 35% Wisconsin Milk - Sweet with Wisconsin milk

  • 55% Wisconsin Butter - Thick and rich with Wisconsin butter and milk

  • 61% Lillehammer - Smooth and sweet with toffee pieces, sea salt, and cocoa nibs

  • Orange Hanbañero - Tart and citrusy with a spicy kick at the end

  • Mongolian Mocha - Goat’s milk and butter with espresso

  • Malted Milk - Like eating a chocolate malt

Mayana Chocolate - Manufactured in Spooner, Wisconsin.

  • Kitchen Sink - Peanut butter, pretzel, and caramel

  • Space Bar - Toasted almond nougat and caramel

  • Monkey Bar - Vanilla marshmallow and banana caramel

  • Coffee Break - Coffee marshmallow and caramel

  • Cloud Nine - Salt, marshmallow, and caramel

  • Pride Bar - Peanut nougat and peanut caramel

Gift Card - Susan Liimata photographs from the Madison area are printed on heavy weight 5.5” x 4.25” paper.

  • Wisconsin Dairy Farm - Classic red barn at dusk printed in color

  • Wisconsin Capital Building - The view of the capital across Lake Monona printed in color

  • Hay Bales - A graphic image of round hay bales in a Wisconsin farm field print in black and white