Arhuaco Businchari 82%

Arhuaco Businchari 82%


I quiet journey up the mountains to where the Arhuacos live. Earthy and subtle with a long finish.

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Original Beans Arhuaco Businchari 82%

Origin - Colombia
Manufacture - Switzerland
Percentage - 82


This chocolate made me close my eyes to better concentrate on the subtle flavors of the forest. I tasted the earth mixed with banana or licorice? It as hard to pin this chocolate down. Without a doubt it is dark and chocolatey but not overbearing or bitter. A long finish defies standard bitter finish with a light earthiness- Brook Johnson

Learn more about the amazing revitalization of the ancient cacao trees of the Arhuacos in Colombia at the Environment Defense Fund. (opens in new page)

Flavor profile: Dark, Earth, Licorice