Ampamakia 64%

Ampamakia 64%


Light and airy. A perfect starter dark chocolate.

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Valrhona Ampamakia Madagascar 64%

On Sale as the bars are past their best by date of March, 2019. I opened one and they are still in perfect condition.

Origin - Madagascar
Manufacture - France
Percentage - 64%
Type - Dark Chocolate
Size - 80g (2.8oz)
Cost - 0.13 $/g

Why to Buy

Buy this for anyone who thinks they don’t like dark chocolate. Make sure to eat small pieces and enjoy each one.


As light and airy as the percentage indicates. Light orange and citrus mix with a buttery richness. This is the perfect chocolate for anyone that doesn’t like dark chocolate. It was the first dark chocolate I ever loved. Thank you Valrhona. - Brook Johnson


Made from single estate beans from the Ampamakia farm in the Sambriano Valley of Madagascar. The beans are most likely trinitario. At only 64% cocoa solids, it is one of the most sugary dark chocolate bars we carry, yet it has much less than most any milk chocolate. One serving (half a bar, 40g) has 20g carbohydrates, 4g fiber, and 3g protein.

Flavor profile

light, citrus, orange, butter, sweet