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Cacao Magazine is the first international print magazine dedicated to the craft chocolate industry. Like the chocolate making process, the magazine follows the “bean-to-bar” sequence. Cacao Magazine is exclusively sold in the USA by Yahara Chocolate.


Yahara Chocolate not only selects bars that are wonderful, but also meet transparent and humane sourcing of ingredients.  Some chocolates are light like clouds, while others are thick and taste like the earth, but you will be entranced when you savor them.



Choose a chocolate collection for a curated gift around a theme like wine, coffee, or tea. These collections give you a starting point in the world of chocolate. Let Yahara Chocolate know which are your favorites for custom suggestions of what to try next.



If you love having fun trying new foods and flavors then these are the bars for you. Some bars will be serious, but many chocolate makers have created amazing combinations using ingredients like juniper, figs, chili, beer, wine, star anise, rose petals, and many more.



Yahara Chocolate sells milk chocolate bars with a purpose beyond lots of sugar. These bars will redefine what you think milk chocolate should taste like, and there are even a few that a dark chocolate lover will like.



Yahara Chocolate offers the opportunity to try a wide variety of chocolates for parties, family gatherings, or for your own personal time.  Start with a tasting pack, come to a free sampling, or schedule a full 10 bar chocolate educational tour.


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