Refund Policy


Returns of food products are not accepted, however, replacements and refunds may be issued in certain circumstances.

Wrong product?
A refund or replacement will be given in the case of errors made in fulfilling orders. The decision to refund or replace the product will be made by Yahara Chocolate.

Melted Chocolate?
Warm weather shipping with ice packs must be selected April - September to prevent melted chocolate. All packages are scheduled to arrive within 3 days and will only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays in very hot weather. Yahara Chocolate is not responsible if the buyer chooses not to use warm weather packaging or if the buyer is not home to receive the shipment the day it arrives.

Broken Chocolate?
Sometimes chocolate bars may break during transit. Yahara Chocolate takes utmost care in packing and shipping chocolate and will not replace a bar that has broken during transit. Replacement will be considered if there is damage to outer shipping box. Please document the damage to the outer shipping box when requesting a replacement as a claim will need to be filed with the shipping company.

Don’t like the chocolate?
Yahara Chocolate does not guarantee that you will like your chocolate. We only stock high quality chocolate, and if something is not to your liking, offer it to a friend. Be sure to let us know what you don’t like (and what you love). We will create a tasting profile to refine your chocolate preferences.