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Isn’t most dark chocolate bitter?

Many people in the United States are used to bitter dark chocolate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When a chocolate maker pays attention to the details and works with the farmers to ensure the best crop, the result is chocolate that is never bitter.

Why do you only stock chocolate bars and not truffles?

I love truffles as much as everyone, but I love telling the stories behind individual bars. A dark chocolate will contain and show the hard work of the farmer and the maker, while truffles highlight the chocolatier’s skill but often not the origin of the chocolate.

Can I buy milk chocolate at your store?

I do stock milk chocolate, and you will find it to be a complete revelation on what luxurious, sweet, and silky milk chocolate can taste like.

Where can I park?

There is plenty of parking on the street in front of the store. If the street is full, there is city lot 1 block away on Water Street.

Public parking in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Do you ship?

I can ship anywhere in the USA. I offer individual bars, fabric gift packs, and wooden gift boxes. Free 2-3 day USPS shipping on orders $60 or more.

Are your products vegan? Are they organic? Are they fair trade?

Most of my chocolate is vegan, organic, and fair trade, but many small producers are not certified. Many of the chocolates go beyond what any certification can guarantee in their direct trade with farmers to ensure fair prices for everyone.