How to Taste Chocolate

The real question is how to enjoy chocolate, but need I even answer the question?

Chocolate is inherently enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a handful of chocolate chips and stuffing your mouth if it brings a smile to your face, but maybe you have sensed that there is more to chocolate than instant gratification.

Dark Chocolate - Red Hawaii Salt

Maybe you even think you don’t really like chocolate or you don’t eat sugar. Well, if you are reading this than you must think there is something more to discover.

The Rules

There are a set of rules that help you enjoy, taste, and notice the subtleties in fine chocolate. Following these same rules with a single chocolate chip should be enlightening too. Maybe you won’t be so eager for a handful.

#1 Chocolate should be room temperature.

#2 Your mouth should be warm. Avoid drinks cooler than 100 degrees.

#3 Take a small piece of chocolate and place it on your tongue.

#4 Let the chocolate melt without chewing it.

#5 Notice the texture and flavors as the chocolate melts.

#6 Press the chocolate against the roof of your mouth to release flavor more quickly.

#8 Let the taste linger after the chocolate is gone.

The first taste of a new chocolate may be surprising. You might be taken off guard or find yourself a little tense. Always take a second piece and allow yourself to relax with a little knowledge of what to expect.

Break the Rules

Rules are made to be broken, but please do not break rules 1 and 2.

Cold chocolate tastes like plastic. All the others are there if you want to follow them, but you should enjoy your chocolate and not get hung up on the rules.

Party Rules

If you are offering chocolate at a party, stick to big, bold chocolate that can compete with the rest of the spread. A thicker bar and bigger pieces that have to be chewed will help warm the mouth in case someone breaks the first 2 rules.

Chocolate Suggestions:

• Marou Tien Giang 80%
• Pralus Cuba 75%
• Amano Mango Chili
• Blanxart Nicaragua 85%
• Original Bean Arhuaco 82%
• Mirzam Fig and Star Anise
• WM Chocolate Wamparusi Sea Salt 70%

Dinner Party Rules

At a small gathering, the host can orchestrate, guide, set the mood, and follow the rules exactly. It can be a lot of fun to taste the subtle differences of a fruity Amano Marobe to a citrusy Domori Chuao, or earthy Sjolinds 85%.

Chocolate Suggestion: The world is open to you. Anything Yahara Chocolate sells will be enjoyable if tasted in a slow manner. Choose one of the tasting packs to get you started. You can never go wrong if you finish with Domori Porcelana (unless you are with super chocolate snobs).

Final Thoughts

The world of chocolate is huge. My chocolate rules are there as guide and to give you the knowledge to create a special chocolate experience. However, Yahara Chocolate only sells high quality bars that you can enjoy in any manner you see fit.

The final rule is don’t let rules stress you out. It’s chocolate. Enjoy.