Recipe for Sipping Chocolate

What is sipping chocolate?

Why isn’t it called hot chocolate like when you were a kid? Skip to the end for a sipping chocolate recipe.

Making Sipping Chocolate

Making Sipping Chocolate



For kids, chocolate is really more about sugar. Whether you got it on a cold day as hot chocolate or camping as a Hershey’s bar, chocolate was a treat. Little did your parents realize, but a Hershey’s bar really isn’t that bad for you as far as artificial ingredients are concerned. This is especially true compared to a lot of the junk food these days.


As we have put on the years, maybe coffee or tea has replaced hot cocoa as the warm drink of choice, but what if you want a little chocolately sugar indulgence with adult dignity?

That is what brings us to sipping chocolate or drinking chocolate. When you see either of these listed on a menu, think chocolate bonbon, but as a drink.

A typical ingredient list could be chocolate and milk. That’s it.

Mix chocolate pieces with warm milk or water to make sipping chocolate.

Mix chocolate pieces with warm milk or water to make sipping chocolate.


You can fancy it up in anyway you dream with a shot of cinnamon, chili, or rum. No additional sugar is needed. You could also strip it naked replacing the milk with water. Milk fat tends to richen chocolate at the expense of boldness and personality. Using water exposes the chocolate for all its best traits but its faults as well.

Basic Recipe for Sipping Chocolate

• 4 to 6 Tablespoons of steaming milk or water

• 20 to 30 grams of chocolate pieces

• Combine the steaming milk (or water) with the chocolate pieces. Whisk until smooth.

• Pour into a small glass and drink while warm.

Adjust as you see fit with different chocolates or other ingredients. A proper sipping chocolate will set up if allowed to cool, but it can always be reheated.

Are you cutting down on carbs? Try this with a good 95% or 100% chocolate.

Be Amazed. Let us know about your experience!

Sip…and enjoy a rich chocolate experience.

Sip…and enjoy a rich chocolate experience.