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What is the Best Chocolate?

A better question to ask yourself is what is my favorite chocolate.

How do you know what you like? There is only one way to answer these questions. Sample, taste, and savor as much chocolate as you can with an open mind.


Keep an open mind.

Here is a story about a boy about age 10 who attended a recent chocolate sampling. Our conversation went something like this:

Brook: What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

Shy Boy: I like milk chocolate.

Brook: Have you ever tried dark chocolate?

Shy Boy: No, I don’t like it.

Brook: Will you try a little of this chocolate (WM Belize 68%)? That small piece is about the size of your finger nail.

Less Shy Boy: Okay…taste, pause. What can I try next?

• #2 - 72% Idilio Origins Venezuela

• #3 - 75% Pralus Cuba

• #4 - 80% Marou Vietnam

• #5 - 85% Pump Street Ecuador

• #6 - 100% Akesson’s Madagascar

Excited Boy: That was a little too much.

Brook: Did you realize that was 100% percent unsweetened? Did you want to spit it out?

Excited Boy: No, I just didn’t really like it.

Brook: Now you can tell you friends to try some unsweetened chocolate at home. You have tried it now.

Boy: (just a smile)

The Moral of the Story

It’s often the kids who are willing to risk the most. Isn’t that normally the case?

How much risk is there, really? We are talking about chocolate after all. Free samples are always available.

Come try the best in the world. Check out our events page for more information about free samplings and tastings.