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Brook Johnson, Yahara Chocolate Shop

Hi there, I’m Brook Johnson. 

In my search to taste the widest variety of dark chocolate I could find I had been spending hundreds of dollars a year buying chocolate to enjoy.

Along the way there were some chocolates I wanted to taste but couldn’t find until I came across a chocolate importer who carried just what I was looking for.

The only way I could buy from this importer was to be a chocolate seller myself.

And Yahara Chocolate came to be. 

My other passion is pottery. Most days you’ll find me creating and teaching in my studio, Green Road Pottery, where Yahara Chocolate now shares space.

We’re located just 40 feet from the Yahara River which runs through the arts and entertainment district in downtown Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Brook Johnson, owner Green Road Pottery.
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Fair trade and social responsibility


Social responsibility and transparency of the chocolate supply chain is of paramount importance and my selection of bars has changed over the years to reflect this view.

Photo by Pablo Merchan Montes - Unsplash
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